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Nov 24 2011
answered 2 years ago


Looking at getting some clogs. Can’t figure out how I’d wear them though. Are they practical?

Steph: I can’t get on the clog bandwagon…even though I think they’re cute when I see them on celebrities and even sometimes when I’m walking around the mall, I see girls who look cute when they wear them, but I just can’t see MYSELF wearing them.  Maybe it’s just not my style - and I have short legs so I worry that it’ll make me look stumpier than regular heels.  But a part of me still wants a pair!

But I have seen celebrities who have worn clogs really cute, and usually it’s a balancing act of femininity and the chuckiness of the clogs.  You can go dressy, like Nicole Richie here with a velvet short dress:

But most people I’ve seen have worn it with cuffed jeans/pants:

You can see that whether it’s with a feminine lace dress or with cargos, it’s definitely a more “modern” look than your typical “clogs” when you think of the term.  Notice that they’re all healed (except SJP’s and look how gross that looks), which helps it from being too dowdy.

Tramanh:  Are all clogs closed-toe?  I guess the Miu Miu and Chanel clogs from last year were cute, but they were so trendy then that I feel like they’re really identifiable with “Summer 2010.”  I probably wouldn’t buy them right now.  If you just like the look of wood and bolts, try an open toe high heel version.